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Home automation is all about improving your home’s security and safety. This advanced technology allows homeowners to gain remote access anywhere anytime. If you want to own a smart home system, we at Secure AV will make it happen for you. We have impeccable smart automation solutions to transform your home into a much safer and more convenient place to live. You will always know what’s happening in your home when you’re out for work or on a holiday.

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Secure AV has a dedicated staff who assist clients with smart home automation technologies. Our ultimate range of remote monitoring systems, security cameras and smart locks are perfect for property owners who are keen on making their homes more secure.


Our smart home automation products are designed for homeowners so that they can monitor their homes and surroundings at all times. The real-time video footage allows them to keep an eye on it when they are not home and prevents the entry of unwanted visitors.

The basic home automation systems will provide you with access to your home footage even from a remote point. The footage can be streamed via your smartphone application.

At Secure AV, we have years of experience in supplying and delivering smart home automation solutions to property owners, builders, architects and homeowners. We always look forward to providing our clients with the best and most efficient smart automation products in addition to the set-up and installation support.

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Gain remote access to your home’s security right on your smartphone screen. One of the biggest advantages of installing a home automation system is the peace of mind that comes with it. Now you won’t have to worry whether or not you have locked the door when you left, with advanced automation systems everything is possible. We work with our clients closely in order to develop a better understanding of their property’s security needs. We conduct an initial assessment to gain knowledge about the area, it further helps us develop customised smart home automation solutions within the client’s budget and timeline.


We have an experienced team of engineers and technicians who take care of the installation process. We have the resources and technology to successfully integrate automation solutions in such a way the users won’t have to face troubleshooting or connectivity issues.

Knowing your family is safe even when you are there is what makes our technology the best. We offer unrivalled security with our home automation services. With an automated lock, you can lock your home with just a tap on your screen.

This shows how important our smart home system is for maximising your home security. You can connect motion detectors, automated locks and CCTV cameras with the system and receive alerts in case an intruder or burglar is trying to enter your premises.

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