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Are you planning to upgrade your movie experience at home? If you love to watch movies and listen to music, we have just the right products for you. Our home theatre packages in Perth includes top-quality speakers, projectors, amplifiers, seating furniture and much more. We will help you pick a package according to your setup requirements and budget limit. With our dedicated home theatre services in Perth, you can have your very own theatre experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

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Home theatre systems offer a unique combination of both audio and video equipment configured to emulate a theatre-like experience. We bring some of the latest and most easy to optimised setups that will leave you impressed and satisfied.

Along with home theatre equipment in Perth, we also offer installation services. We have a team of experts who specialise in designing and creating dedicated cinema rooms. We deliver the best possible outcome for clients while keeping their acoustic preferences in mind. We make sure that our audio quality is good and there is minimum sound leakage.


Before going ahead with product selection and installation, we sit with clients to listen to their ideas. We determine how they visualise their space and offer precise solutions for home theatre in Perth. We only move ahead once the plan is approved by our clients. From choosing equipment to seating furniture, we manage everything.


Searching for home theatre projectors in Perth? Now you can enjoy movies, sports and video games on our state-of-the-art home theatre projectors equipped with various useful features. The projector allows the user to smartly stream video and visuals. With sharp images and smooth movement, our projectors are the perfect choice for your personal home entertainment unit.


  • Stunning high-definition visuals
  • Crisp and clear images
  • Network connectivity
  • Vertical lens shift
  • Precise colour accuracy
  • Customised light output

With our modern equipment, you’ll get the same home cinema experience in Perth.

At Secure AV, we work with clients right from equipment installation to room setup. However, you want to modify your room, we will make it happen.

Enjoy streaming your favourite movie without any hassle and increase your home’s appeal with our home theatre packages in Perth.

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